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Went out to this really cool club that plays indie and metal music last night. The music was amazing and when I wasn't worried about my friends, I was dancing and having an awesome time. However said friends are going out (or at least were) and are having relationship issues atm, basically she wants to go on a break over the xmas holidays, which I thought was fair enough until she told me because there's a guy back home she really likes and wants to get together with him. But the phrase "a break" implies getting back together . . . So she's kind of just using him whilst she can't be with her ex. Anyways, he finally stormed out of the club, so clara and I went after him. They had a huge arguement outside the club somewhere down some back streets with me just standing round the corner *awkward*. They are both lovely people but when they get drunk every thing they do annoys each other. They were proper yelling at each other but then started quieten down and I thought they were working it out.  But the next time I peeked round the corner they were gone. Not good. I didn't know where I was and all alone at 3'o'clock in the morning, with some creepy guys he other side of the car park looking at me. I started walking in the only direction they could have gone and was getting more and more lost when two guys asked me if I was alright. Thankfully they were lovely people, and not the weirdos I'd seen earlier, I was already creeped out and ready to bolt. They were 3rd years at brookes and walked me back to the main road where I called the safety bus to come collect me. Turned out the safety bus picked up my friends on my way back anyway, but gotta admit was a little bit pissed at them for leaving me all alone. To be honest when I got home I really wished I gone to my boyfriends but didn't think he'd appreciate being woken up at 4 in the morning, for some reason being alone had really rattled me. Haven't seen either of my friends at all today, so I have no idea whats going on between them now . . . Just made me really thankful how lovely my boyfriend is, I can't even imagine him flipping out on me. Also thankful I'm living in Oxford, it feels quite safe, that night could have turned out so much worse.
I know I rarely post anymore but this night needs documenting!!!!

So, there's this guy that I've liked pretty much since I got here, and tonight he kissed me!!  i've now decided that I like clubbing :)
We're both quite shy so it's always been a little awkward between us, but tonight awkward dancing led to making out!! I can't stop smiling.

All I can say is *squee!!!!!!*


Title: The Doctor Knew What He Was Doing
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Eleven/Amy
Summary: The Doctor had left her frustrated, excited and aroused and had just told her to go find her fiancé. Bloody hell, he knew what he was doing.
Disclaimer: Nope, still don't own Doctor Who. Must try harder



Chapter 1Collapse )




Chapter 2Collapse )


Due to the bloody French strikes, all flights into France were cancelled yesterday. And since the next available flight to Carcasonne wasn't until Sunday and we had to come home on the Monday anyway, I'm now in Hereford. Again.
To be honest, I've had a great time here, went to Hay-on-Wye today: love, love, love all the book shops. I could have spent a lot longer there actually but Mum dragged me out! I bought a few books and loads of pheonix books which are mostly extracts and short stories for 20p each.
I'm friggin' freezing though, I packed for southern France not England. Not sure when we're going back home . . .
I finished reading 'Married by Morning' by Lisa Kleypas - Oh! it was wonderful, I love Leo and Cat. I've started reading Persuasion now, not as much about Anne and Wentworth's earlier relationship as I thought there would be.

Bloody French.
Going to France tomorrow! Doesn't feel like it though, despite the last minute packing. Haven't been abroad in ages so really looking forward to relaxing before getting ready for Uni.

Speaking (well typing) of Uni, I didn't get the accommodation I wanted. They've put me in catered when I was quite excited about cooking for myself. Anyways, it'll probably make life easier for my first year. Can't believe I'm going on the 18th, it suddenly seems so soon and I don't feel prepared. I'm moving out, leaving home - it's odd.

And finally, my books came!!!! Oh Leo, how I love thee! Still haven't finished Dawkins but plan to this week, am also taking Persuasion with me as I never got round to reading it.

Aug. 14th, 2010

I have now had a job for a grand total of two weeks.
Alright, it's only cleaning, but still it's a job and the money's not bad. There are a few perks to the job aswell: if there's been a meeting and they've left cookies I can eat them (I'm not sure if I'm actually allowed to but I do), there are lots of coffee machines with some really tasty drinks which are free. Admittedly the perks aren't great but they exist. Oh, and on the cons side I have to clean the loos (why do men lack the abilty to flush a bloody toilet!!!)

Went roller skating on thursday - it was absolutely hilarious! Hadn't been skating for about ten years and had forgotten how difficult it is! Hannah fell over four or five times. But none of my other (so called) friends turned up, excuses excuses. It only cost £3.80 and it was a great night out.

And finally I'M FREAKING OUT ABOUT MY EXAM RESULTS. Really really don't want Thursday to ever come. I'm so worried that I won't get in to Uni and I honestly do know what I'm going to do if that happens.

Writer's Block: Long ago and far away

Do you wish you had grown up in another time and/or place? if so, when, where, and why?

London in the swinging 1960's.
'Nuff said.
Good day today.

Went to see Toy Story 3 with a friend - it was so good! Made me laugh and cry. Oh, Spanish Buzz!!! Also loved Ken and Barbie! Wasn't expecting it to be so good actually, sequels (what's a sequel's sequel called?) normally make me cringe but I adore Pixar.
Also saw Eclipse the other day which was quite frankly painful. I hate Team Jacob fangirls!!! The actors never play the characters the way I read them in the books. . . Only one more film to endure now. I heard they're making a movie of The Host too and I liked the Host much more than Twilight so I'm hopeful.

Bought some nice stuff today including a new foundation. I've only ever owned one foundation and I really don't want to know how old that is now.  Had a good chat in Thorntans caffe - i love coffee shops, they're so relaxing.

Went clubbing for the first time last friday for Hannah's 18th and enjoyed it much more than I thought I would! We must go again and maybe plan a pub crawl too. ;D Also went to the same place but in a different bit for Vickye's birthday where I drank a lot more (also doesn't help I didn't have any dinner before going out)

Started sewing recently, just completed a peg notice board thats turned out a lot better than I thought it would. Thinking of giving it as a christmas present. Am determined to make more stuff over the holiday so I can feel like I'm doing something vaguely useful.

Just passing the time until results come out. It's scary how much my future depends on those stupid grades, I can't plan anything for definite until then and I don't want to get really excited about Uni incase I dont get in. Hate it all.
Exams are over!
Now just the agonising wait for results. I'm really worried I haven't met the grades I need for Uni . . .

Don't know what to do with my freedom. My family keep nagging me to get a job - I've been 'round all the agencies but no where is hiring or they want experienced people. How am I ever going to get experience if no one gives me a job in the first place???

Went out last night for a friends 18th in an attempt at a social life. Drinks were far too cheap there and as a result I drank far too much! Started doing shots - yay for slippery nipple! Just seen videos of me dancing - I didn't realise how stupid I looked, but fortunately everyone else looked stupid aswell so I don't feel so bad.

Made some jam today because I'm cool like that
A meme!

6 I love:

#1. Eleven/Amy (Doctor Who)
#2. Connor/Abby (Primeval)
#3. Draco/Ginny (Harry Potter)
#4. Ianto/Jack (Torchwood) 
#5. Patrick/Kat (10 Things I Hate About You)
#6. Mitchell/Annie (Being Human)

3 I like:

#7. Arthur/Morgana (Merlin)
#8. Leonard/Penny (Big Bang Theory)
#9. Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter)

3 I never liked:

#10. Doctor/River (Doctor Who)
#11. Harry/Hermione (Harry Potter)
#12. Arthur/Gwen (Merlin)

2 that piqued my interest:

#13. Draco/Blaise (Harry Potter)
#14. Arthur/Merlin (Merlin)

1. Why do you dislike #11 (Harry/Hermione)?
It's been Ron/Hermione for me ever since the first book. Harry's never thought of Mione as more than a sister!

2. Who do you know that ships #9 (Ron/Hermione)?
Every Harry Potter Cannon fan!

3. What would be your ideal scenario for couple #3 (Draco/Ginny)?
Um, there was an amazing fanfic where they had to get married to break a curse - makes me cry everytime.

4. What is your favorite moment for #1 (Eleven/Amy)?
Where do I begin? Loved the moment in the forest with the angels when the Doctor was crouching in front of Amy, telling her to remember. Also loved the smoochy smoochy time up against the TARDIS!

5. How long have you been following couple #6 (Mitchell/Annie)?
Since the first series of Being Human, they kinda lost it, though, in the second series. =(

6. What's the story with #8 (Leonard/Penny)?
They both really like each other but it's so awkward - I love it!

7. Which ship do you prefer--#2 (Connor/Abby) or #4 (Ianto/Jack)?
Connor and Abby. Connor's just so damn cute! Plus Ianto's dead now (sob) which kinda killed that ship.

8. You have the power to make one ship non-existent. Choose from #10 (Doctor/River) or #12 (Arthur/Gwen).
But I hate both of them! I'd have to make Doctor/River non-existent, I don't trust River.

9. What interests you about #14 (Arthur/Merlin)?
I've read a couple of brilliant fics, that kept them completely in character and it worked so well. And anyway, who could resist Arthur?

10. What's a song that reminds you of #1 (Eleven/Amy)?
Melancholy Astronautic Man by Allie Moss. The lyrics fit them so amazingly and someone made a great vid to it.

11. Which of these ships do you love the most right now?
Eleven/Amy! I'm completely obsessed by Doctor Who at the mo. But Patrick/Kat is definitely getting there!

12. Which do you dislike the most?
Doctor (especially Eleven) /River. Maybe 12 or 13 will suit River better (but I hope not)

13. If you could have any of these pairings double date, who would they be?
Ummm, Jack would absolutely torment Eleven if Jack/Ianto and Eleven/Amy went on a double date. But I could imagine Kat and Amy getting on really well while Eleven and Patrick just sit there in silence!

14. Have #2 (Connor/Abby) kissed yet? Elaborate if yes.
Yes! After Connor helped save her brother, it was so cute! But then nothing happened, they're trying to ignore it like it wasn't a big deal. I'm sure something's gonna happen while they're stuck in the Cretaceous

15. Did #4 (Ianto/Jack) have a happy ending, or is one likely?
No. They bloody 456 killed Ianto! How could they? But the death seen was so cute, I was in floods of tears watching it

16. What would make you start shipping #14 (Arthur/Merlin)?
Not sure. I won't ever happen in the actual show.

17. If only one could happen, which would you prefer--#7 (Arthur/Morgana) or #13 (Draco/Blaise)?
Arthur/Morgana. They were great in the first series! Also I see Blaise as such a man whore, them two would never settle down

18. You have the power to decide the fate of #5 (Patrick/Kat).
Okay, so Kat's father can calm down a bit. Patrick can loosen up and actually let Kat in a little. They can both start talking to each other without fighting every 5 minutes and live happily ever after!